Fashion: Big sizes in Cologne

After endless requests for fashion in large sizes, I finally FINALLY found a great deal in Cologne. I am really happy, because Popken was too good for me personally, Asos too cumbersome, concerning the return shipment (the quality was also grotte) and besides, I would rather try on before, so as not to get frustrated and send back kilos of clothes.

Wanted-found: At Beilmann Moden in Cologne (Berliner Straße 906 I finally found fashion that really fits and if not, it's made to fit.

It is a high-quality specialist shop with great brands, such as Sallie cream, Yoek, Verpass, Persona, Marina Rinaldi, Elena Miro and much more. Here I also found my new swimsuit from Ulla.

The advice was super nice, there was coffee and cake, something I've never never experienced. The owner gave me a very courteous advice and gave me many tips, as she realizes that there is someone here from the subject. She has the most extensive Sallie cream collection (on whose HP I have discovered Beilmann fashions) and beautiful accessories for larger sizes.

I attach great importance to clothes that last a long time and are of good quality. I prefer to invest more and then enjoy the things for years. Short-lived trends are nothing for me anyway. To all big beauties: do not quarrel with your looks, be proud and find the right fashion for you, Only then will you feel good and then you will also have a great charisma.

Slim Up Your Style | Big Guy Fashion Hacks | RMRS | June 2022