Felted Tatüta - handkerchief bag

An Tatüta protects paper tissues in backpack or purse, so they remain clean until used. Here is a guide on how to make one from felt wool.

Quick knit is a good use for a knit or a wool rest. Without much effort you have a practical gift or made something useful for yourself.

material: Felt Wool in Thickness 10, 1 Pack of Paper Handkerchiefs (as scale and as filling)

equipment: Knitting needles size 10, darning needle, washing machine, dryer, sponge / luffa gourd

Instructions knitting

  • Cast on 16 stitches and knit approx. 30 rows, bind off loosely
  • the knitted rectangle should be about 16 cm wide and 22 cm long
  • if you fold it over the long side, it should be 30 percent larger than a Tatütapackung (Picture 3)

Instructions sewing together

  • like folding an envelope right to right, that the stop and Abkettkante overlap slightly in the middle.
  • the side seams with felt wool sew together
  • turn right (Photo 2)

Instructions felting

Step 1: Cut the luffa sponge

Cut out a piece of loofah sponge (or other sponge) the size of a tissue pack.

Cut the luffa sponge to the size of the tatüta

Step 2: Luffa sponge comes into the bag

Put the trimmed sponge piece in the bag.

Cut the Luffa sponge into the Tatüta

Step 3: Tatüta enters the washing machine for the first felting process

Make a hair tie around the tatüta (so that nothing falls out). The sponge piece should achieve that the Tatüta is properly formed when felting. So a cavity of the right size is created.

To a 30-40 degree wash put in the washing machine. (If you want you can also put the bag in a laundry net together with a tennis ball).

After that, the Tatüta is already significantly felted and shrunk.

Tatüta after the first course of felting - after the washing machine cycle

Step 5: Tatüta enters the dryer for the second felting process

After washing, replace sponge with (original) tissue pack.

At cotton program put in the dryer.

Tatüta in the dryer with handkerchief packing, instead of Luffaschwamm

Then the Tatüta has continued to be felted or shrunk and has just reached the size that a packet of handkerchiefs fit into it. The handkerchiefs survived the dryer cycle unscathed (well, one corner is pressed in a bit) and could put the first filling of the Tatüta right away.

Ready felted tatüta

Tatüta felted with handkerchief

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