Fertilizing plants with horse apples

As you almost all know by now, we have a large allotment garden. Nearby is a horse farm, and often we can collect a lot of these precious legacy / horse apples to fertilize plants.

I would have that horse droppingsas they are, dug under the roses and the new cherry tree, but was taught by our garden neighbor, a professional gardener, a better one.

The horse apples, we were warned, are in the fresh state much too hot for the plants. In addition, chemicals may be included from the deworming of the horses.

The horse apples should first on the compost and dry out, about 3 weeks. Best mixed with straw and hay. Then you could use them.

And so we did it. And do not worry, the compost does not smell like loo. The smell vanishes completely.

How To fertilize an Established Plant or Tree | February 2024