Fight nudibranches in the long term

I have been in my garden for 3 years and there were a lot of nudibranchs in the beginning. Almost no more. With the help of beneficials, I have fought almost all long-term. So I keep gathering snails when their time is up and give them to my garden. They like to eat nudibranch eggs.

In addition, I have created stone and gravel places. Below are lots of stalking and lizards. For wintering, there are several small compost heaps in the garden (350 square meters), on which I plant melons in summer.

Some plants (such as melons, zucchini, lettuce ...) I had to initially surrounded with slug pellets. But now almost nothing happens.

Between the strawberries I plant onions and garlic. Schneckenfraß has not been one for two years.

I use snail grain, but only because I can not go into the garden often enough. You could easily pick up the few snails that migrate from other gardens, there are so few.

Offspring has little chance, especially because of the snails. They eat most rotting plants and so I put on small piles, so they have to eat well. Otherwise you will leave quickly ...

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