Fill cosmetic dispenser with cream and reuse

Various cosmetic dispensers do not have a tube through which the contents are pumped. For those I mean, pressing on the donor head pushes a piston up through an existing vacuum and pushes the cream through the opening - you can dose it very finely! And these donors are completely empty.

It is worth to collect these donors (there are also larger ones). I gently open it with a water pump pliers, clean with an absorbent paper the piston (and donor head) of cream residues - the piston is pushed down again. Now take the tube and emptied it with the help of a clothespin in the container and shoots it with the donor head. This is especially interesting with cosmetic containers - because every time you open them, every time you touch your finger, germs get into the cream. Here I take a clean dipper stick; So take the cream out of the can and put it in the dispenser until it is practically full. Press donor head on and ready. That's worth it, I think, for daily use and above all for the holidays - this saves a lot of space in the cosmetics bag and is very practical!

TUTORIAL: Refilling Airless Pump Cosmetic Bottles | November 2022