Fill smoothie blender properly

Smoothies are trendy? Internet and magazines are full of delicious and healthy recipes. When I bought a mixer, I found no guidance in which order I should fill the ingredients. If you are just starting out, the following tips may help you.

Order of filling depends on mixer

On my device, the smoothie is prepared directly in the bottle. The bottle is filled upright and then turned over to mix. For recipe details and given order for a blender I therefore note that I fill my blender in the opposite order.

Place harder ingredients correctly

You might think that the hard stuff should be placed as close to the cutting knives as possible and the soft ones should go further away? but the opposite is the case: when mixing should first be produced in the liquid a vortex, which then pulls the hard ingredients with momentum under the knife.

In the case of my device and similar smoothie maker, that means placing a bottle and first of all the hard ingredients like nuts, seeds, cocoa beans? Yes, it is also fine! ? fill in, then the medium hard as fennel, pepper, apple, etc. and at the end of the soft as pear, grapes or banana on top.

Leave space in the container

The smaller the things are cut, the more fits in the water bottle or in the blender. However, the container should not be filled to the brim. On the one hand, so that still liquid fits in and the second, so that the knives work well and can produce the vortex. Once all the ingredients have been layered on top of each other, top it up with liquid, preferably water? also not completely full.

The right consistency wants to be practiced

In the beginning I made the mistake that my smoothies were too thick. The lower the viscosity, the better they can be mixed and thus drink straight from the bottle. Another mishap happened to me when using milk. It foams when whipped and should still be diluted with water.

After screwing, turning and touchdown is mixed

The almost full blender bottle is now bolted firmly to the knife cap on which the connector to the engine part is attached. Now turn the bottle over? the hard ingredients are now at the top, farthest from the knives? screw into the engine block and mix for at least 20 seconds, depending on the contents. Only then are the ingredients really well broken up and really finely pureed.

By the way, do not worry about heating up

It really takes a long time for the smoothie to get hot as a result of the rotation, especially if some of the ingredients come out of the fridge. For cooling, ice cubes or frozen ingredients (for example frozen berries) can also be added. They are hard again, so please place far away from the knives.

My fruit and vegetable smoothie

In the image example you can see the ingredients for one of my typical fruit and vegetable smoothies: ginger and carrots at the bottom, then cucumber and paprika (both with a hard shell) and grapes at the top.

If wheat bran, wheat germ, linseed meal or similar things are added, which do not need to be crushed, I'll give them as the last ingredient. There are different opinions, often they are used for decoration after mixing. With me they are mixed in well and may have time to swell. Finally, I fill up with water and lemon juice, in carrot with me even a splash of pure oil.

All in all: The handling is easy, and at the end simply the lid with drinking opening is screwed on it.

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