Finally, no more blisters on the feet

Every year I had the same problem again and again, blisters on my feet: It does not matter if I put on new or long-worn and thus "worn-in" shoes. In spring, when the garefree time begins, I regularly had to fight on the heels and depending on footwear also on the ankles of the toes with ugly and, above all, aching blisters.

None of the known patches against blisters or other aids were able to relieve me of this painful plague.

Meanwhile, the problem has settled for me, because I have found the optimal help for me. It's called "Hirschtalg-Stift". A good acquaintance had alerted me to this, after I complained about how many times I was complaining that my feet are now again a single, painful construction site.

So I'm in the pharmacy to get this pen. This was not quite as easy as I had imagined, after all, I had to visit a total of five pharmacies to finally get the desired pen. However, I was very surprised that this pen was very inexpensive to buy. I had with 8, - to 10, -? calculated, but it cost only 2.95?. That's what I call really cheap!

After the bubbles on my feet finally healed, I've applied the Hirschtalgstift. I can only say that was the best advice against the blisters I had ever received. Since I used the pen, I have not had a single bladder anymore. Also no chafing or other irritated skin on heels and toes.

It's just fantastic to be able to slip into any shoes without the worry of aching feet and weeping blisters and running smoothly.

I can make a really good recommendation to everyone who also has to have this painful experience every year.

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