Fire basket self-built!

We need an old washing machine drum (recycling yard), 3 threaded rods diameter 10mm à 300 mm long and 9 matching nuts as well as two metal drills 2mm (for pre-drilling) and 10mm (for the threaded rod).

First, we remove all plastic parts, then we set the holes so that a triangle is formed. Now one nut is screwed about 3 cm on the threaded rods and a second tightened to counter. The threaded rods are inserted from below into the washing machine drum and fastened through the opening with the last nut.

The advantage of this fire basket is that it is also suitable for smaller shrubs and no wood or branch pieces fall out. So even in the summer sick parts of the plant can be quickly and effectively eliminated.

PS: Always follow the fire protection!

Wood chip basket build | January 2022