Fluffy scrambled eggs

Actually, it is quite easy to prepare fluffy scrambled eggs, if you follow this tip:

Is actually a basic, how to prepare scrambled eggs. I thought for decades and ate the scrambled eggs - bissi dry, bissi burned, bissi ... well - always brave for breakfast. While doing that, I almost dislocated my wrist while clinging, so eagerly - frothy - I licked it to have a good scrambled egg. Ha, that was the mistake.

The trick is simple:

The scrambled eggs are served with a fork, - no wooden spoon, no wooden spoon - Not foamed with foam; just mix egg yolks and egg whites. Add butter to the pan, add the egg, season, briefly add and then stir. If the scrambled egg is already solid at one point, but still floating somewhere else, you swing the whole chill bissi together. Soon everything is - well yellowish - fried. Then the egg is stacked in the middle of the pan and pulled from the stove, on which it can still pull through for a spare minute.

How to Cook Perfect Fluffy Scrambled Eggs | May 2020