Fold shirt or blouse for suitcase and closet

Whether one prefers to hang his business shirts and business blouses after ironing or folds them in the closet is probably a matter of opinion or belief. It looks different when you travel, because the good piece has to be folded somehow, to fit in the suitcase.

I'll show you here how you can optimally fold an attire shirt or a business blouse for (business) travel, probably just a little bit different than you usually know. And this technique is good not only for the transport of shirts in the suitcase, of course you can put them folded in the closet.

The photos are probably self-explanatory:

  1. Shirt or blouse with button placket up put on the ironing board.
  2. Fold both sleeves one after the other as smoothly as possible
  3. Turn once from bottom to top for storage in the closet, flip twice for the suitcase. You get a pretty smooth rectangular "package".

The small but subtle difference is that the button placket and the collar are in this way inside and the shirt is thus better protected when rummaging in the case or something moves and is better protected against any stains.

Would be glad if the tip helps someone.

How to fold your shirts (and keep your closet organized) - A Guide to a Good Life | November 2023