For women: wash intimate area with yoghurt

Many women often suffer from infections in the genital area. Especially when a longer antibiotic therapy has to be done, it is terribly annoying. You can prevent this by not only eating a lot of yogurt, but also washing the outer genital area with it.

It works best in the bidet, but also on the toilet. Fill an empty plastic bottle with lukewarm water, rinse thoroughly from the front to the back, then rub in everything with yoghurt, rinse with water. For sensitive skin this can generally be done. Soap is not necessary, you will be clean, you do not smell, you stay healthy!

No, gentlemen, there is no picture for this tip :-)

How To Yogurt Douche for Yeast, Odor or Bacteria At Home | Feminine Hygiene pt. 2 | September 2021