From weatherproof balcony paneling is a pond border

Weatherproof balcony paneling as a pond border: Little effort, low cost and a very good result, if you like it minimalist.

The tip comes a little late, but I first wanted to wait for a hot summer with plenty of sun to share it and who cares, he does not forget.

In the spring, we have created a new pond according to my specifications, which should serve as a supplement to a larger natural pond behind it. In the front pond neither fish nor plants should live; he was just to make the entrance decorative after a 20-foot high 60-year-old conifer had to be removed by storm damage (my heart was very attached to it, but everything is transient).

A marginal planting was not planned. The pond should serve minimalist only for decoration.

But the black pond liner alone is not covered by anything without planting, so I came up with the idea Sheathing of balconies to use. There is this weatherproof disguise with different motives and here stones offered themselves.

A roll of balcony cladding, 75 cm x 600 cm, costs around 20 euros and was the solution for this project!

After completion of the pond, we occasionally asked visitors and nobody, really no one realized that it is not real stones, but is film.

Photos 1-4 show each step.

How to build a raised wooden patio pond by Pondguru | September 2020