Fruit cake with cast

Here is a fruit cake with cast, which is easy and fast prepared:

Ingredients for the dough:

Knead 200 g of flour, 80 g butter, 1 pinch of salt and a little water into a dough and form into a ball, if it should go very fast, let it sit in the freezer or at least one hour in the fridge.

Ingredients for the casting:

Mix 3 eggs, 100 g sugar, 250 g cottage cheese and 100 g whipped cream (do not beat the cream)

Place the dough in a springform pan and add a mixture of 2 tbsp breadcrumbs, 1 tbsp sugar and 1 tsp cinnamon to avoid "soaking".

Now any fruit, whether canned or fresh, distribute it on and pour over it. Bake at 180 ° bottom and top heat. After about 45 minutes. Put aluminum foil on the cake so it can cook through and not get too brown. After another 15 minutes, it should be ready or it depends on the oven, so maybe do the Garprobe.

And now good luck and good appetite. We always like it again, because for a change I always take different fruits.

Martha Stewart's Cast-Iron Skillet Fruit Cake - Martha Stewart | April 2024