Fruit jelly of juice and gelatine


Preparation time: 7 min.
Cooking or baking time: 3 min.
Total preparation time: 10 min.

Here is a very simple suggestion for a very light fruit jelly, which can be deleted instead of jam on bread and croissants.


Take fruit juice or fruit juice nectar, a 1/4 liter and heat it. It also offers juice leftovers after a celebration.

In cold water, soak 2 sheets of gelatin; if it is slippery, squeeze it out and stir it into the fruit juice.

Let cool and refrigerate in the fridge.

Normally you take 3 sheets of gelatin for a 1/4 liter of liquid, but that would be for a firm jelly. We want a spread that is a little more fluid.

The jelly lingers for a few days, just as long as indicated on the juice bottle. Therefore, make only a small amount that you use in a few days.

Fruit Juice Jelly - gelatin | January 2021