Garlic for pimples

I had very big problems with my skin even at the age of 43 :-(

My aunt, who knows very good models, called me the secret tip of the models: cut the garlic clove in half and rub the pimple gently with the moist side.

Birgit-Martha: Moin, toothpaste on a pimple is a well-known tip, he actually dries out the pimple, but can also - in the worst case - cause terrible inflammation, only by the additives in the pasta.

Knobi or onion on a pimple are also a very good tip, because the allicin in the onion has a very disinfectant and thus prevents inflammation.

So the Knobi tip is probably the more appropriate.

Zinc ointment is also a possibility = dehydration + infection protection

Best of all are still, as I said, Pickelhaube, motorcycle mask, burqa ......... please do not take it seriously!

Unfortunately, I also have to suffer from one or two pimples all my life and since I do not have my fingers under control, it is often very bad!

and now a kl. Tip for dolla baby (what a name!) - sit down with Mr. Duden apart, you'll be amazed!

Put an End to Adult Acne | June 2020