Garnish: Crunchy cabbage from the baking tray

This is a delicious side dish for grilling - but also for snacking: Crunchy cabbage from the baking sheet.

You need a white cabbage or savoy cabbage.

One removes the stalk and cuts the cabbage into small pieces, about chips size.

In a bowl with 2 tablespoons of olive oil, the cabbage pieces are well oiled.

In a second bowl, mix 1 tbsp salt, 1 tsp sugar and a little pepper. Mix and sprinkle on the vegetables.

A baking sheet is covered with baking paper. The cabbage comes in a thin layer on top and is then baked for about 25 minutes at 200 degrees so that it has light brown tips.

The trick is: the cabbage must be completely dry before it comes to the oil. Otherwise it will not be crispy, but steam-cooked. Which tastes good, but today it should be crispy.

For several people prefer to prepare a second baking sheet and spread another thin layer of cabbage on it. The thinner the cabbage layer, the crisper it gets!

When kale time is again, you can prepare nice crunchy kale chips.