Get rid of aphids on roses cheaply

Who does not know that: On the roses aphids have spread and the beautiful buds are gone.

Unfortunately, there are not enough ladybirds that could eat any uninvited guests.

While there are many selections of related products in specialty stores, they usually cost a lot of money.

Here is my tip:

You need 1 spray bottle, 1 old tea-egg or a tea bag, tobacco of 5 cigarettes, 1 glass (500 ml) with lid.

  1. Half fill the glass with lukewarm tap water. Then give the filled tea egg or bag of tobacco and put it in the jar.
  2. Close well and leave for 4 days. IMPORTANT: The whole thing is poisonous !! Therefore do not leave near children !!!
  3. After four days you fill the broth in the spray bottle, fill with water.
  4. Now you spray the affected areas, preferably repeat daily!
  5. Please wash your hands thoroughly afterwards and do not breathe that in, it will smell awful ;-)

I also use this broth for all other flowers and it works great.

Have fun trying.

How to Naturally kill rid insects Aphids from Roses & Garden DIY | February 2024