Get rid of warts with urine

Every one of you must have had warts on your feet. And you have already tried every means from the household and / or the pharmacy and nothing helped?

Then I have a solution for this: morning urine.

Sounds disgusting but it really helps.

My experience:

On the big toe grew over each other two plantar warts and on the toe next door to the other wart also one. Panic first. And the question of how to get it off.

Internet scanned for tips. Vinegar, chalk, spit, discuss, tea tree oil ... zero effect. Then the Apotkeken grazed. Tigerbalm Red, Clabin Plus, Guttaplast, Wartner ... again null effect? - despite the instructions for use. Then dermatologist. Guttaplast just gave me. I could completely forget that. Turned on during the day and fastened with Leukoplast. At noon, the patch had stuck to the sock and the white skin did not go off. Despite pumice. But was such a cheaper by dm + foot scrub.

So everything again from the beginning? Seeking desperately and bumping into morning urine. I thought that was nonsense. But tasting can not hurt. So cotton swabs kept under it, applied every morning in the first gear and waited. At school (I'm a teacher) I did not think about it anymore. At some point I notice that the warts have become smaller and then they were gone.

Later, I had a thornware on the heel that had it in it. Damned painful when running (even in soft sneakers) and mega pressure sensitive. Start all over again (home remedy and pharmacy). Morgenurin helped the others, let's see what it looks like now. And then it was gone too. Thank God. I could not have endured it for a long time. In my job I would not have endured with them, since I have to stand and run for 8 hours. Not very good to concentrate on the work.

Best Ways to Remove Warts - My Abuelita Told Me | June 2023