Get used to new cat

When a new cat comes into the house, it is often not easily accepted by the existing cats.

Breeders like to leave new entrants in a nursery cage in the middle of the cattery for a few days, until they have their own smell, and all the animals have become accustomed to their presence.

Private individuals do not have that luxury, and need to find other ways to gently bring the animals into contact with each other. My method has proven to be great, so I want to share it with you today:

The newcomer first comes for a few days in a separate room to settle in slowly and to process the shock of change.

Several times a day I stroke the fragrances with my hands from the cheeks of the existing cats and rub in the new cat. Cats mark everything they "hear" with their cheeks. After a few days, "the new one" smells like an old one and is no longer attacked as a foreign intruder.

Then you can slowly start to bring the cats to each other, the newcomer should always have the possibility to retreat in their now safe room.

We have a special bonus home - a glass door. The new cat stays on one side of the glass door, the other on the other side. See, yes, touch no. After a short while, if the smell is right, all cats are so curious about each other that the merger then usually funktiniert easily.

(The picture shows two cats, who wanted to start each other in the beginning, of course, Oh, how love meanwhile)

6 Tips for Bringing a New Cat Home (Petco) | May 2020