Getting clothes fresh without cleaning

Actually a very simple tip, how to get his clothes fresh again without cleaning.

Many years ago I got a tip from a colleague to put a hook on my balcony, so that you can ventilate and unhook your clothes there. Sure, if the fabric is really dirty and maybe even has stains, only helps washing or cleaning, this is not specifically meant.

But often the garments are just wrinkled from wearing, from the suitcase or they have taken on unpleasant environmental odors. Or they just do not smell fresh. Then a simple hook on the balcony, where you can hang the clothes, a very good solution. I can say from many years of experience that a night for example for a suit on the covered balcony works wonders through the combination of fresh air and nocturnal humidity. The clothes on the other morning really smell "April fresh" and all wrinkles are gone, better than ironed. If you do not have a covered or protected balcony, you have to be careful that nothing gets wet. And against any "blessing from above" in the form of bird droppings, FM already has a good tip.

My hook hangs deliberately high enough to even clamp the bedding on a clamp and hang out hanging for a few hours. Then it has no contact with other materials such as the balcony railing or the windowsill during ventilation, so it does not get dirty and then smells wonderful. I especially like when lawn is mowed.

As I said, actually the tip is very simple, but I did not know him then and he has done me many years of good service. Would be glad if he also helps others.