Gift idea for teenage birthday (girl)

Teenage birthday (girl): with the theme "Shopping Queen".

My granddaughter (13) told me that she was invited to her friend's birthday, which was quite different and she liked it very much.

The parents drove off with the birthday girl and the other girls with an unknown destination. The destination was a shopping park.

There they learned the theme of the birthday party: Shopping Queen in a modification.

The birthday girl got a certain amount, which she was allowed to spend on outfit, make-up and accessories. This sum could not be exceeded and it was set a certain time. The other girls were the advisers.

The girls had a lot of fun and time flew by in no time.

At home the fashion show was prepared and made up by everyone.

I loved it so much that I wanted to share this tip. You never know how to get the gifts with girls at this age, so both sides are happy.

I would like to have such a birthday surprise today and I have not been a teenager for a long time.

200 GIFT IDEAS HER | Teen Gift Guide 2017 | September 2020