Give cats tablets / pastes

Anyone who has such cunning animals as me will know the problem of tablets and pastes that are to be injected into the animal's mouth.

But: why forgo? The stress that the animal goes through at the vet and continues at home? That does not have to be. Especially as it can also harm the animal, if the e. over 2 weeks must do.

I have the experience that I am me. Just rub the vitamin / malt pastes on the hand, and the munch licks off. If they do not cooperate -> Simply lubricate the desired amount of the puss on the forepaw. She will probably run away indignant and clean immediately and thus absorb the stuff orally - stress-free :)

I usually crumble tablets and sprinkle them over a small amount of favorite food (preferably also liverwurst or hack or ...).
If, however, justament both cats want to eat at the same time, I crumble the tablet and add 1 drop of water and smear the paste of the cat in the coat, usually on the front paw.

The cat has no stress. I have no stress and my hands / arms / clothes / face stay safe;)

But beware: I'm convinced of this method, but there are also many people who strongly advise against it, afraid that the cat could not lick everything or absorb too little. But my two cats enjoy the best of health and I've only had good experiences with it so far. But if everyone decides for themselves, is - like so much here - just one of many possibilities.

How To Give Your Cat A Pill - VetVid Episode 020 | March 2023