Good Vibrations - when it growls under the Christmas tree

At this point, first a big thank you to my mom. At a young age I was regarded as a rather reserved, hesitant child and even today I still hear the mother's incentive, which was often heard back then, on many occasions: "Come on, boy, dare you something!". So now:? You want to write about sex toys at TheFruitAndFlowerBasket? Go on, dare you? Okay, let's get started. In which ? tackle? It's a great way to get started, after all, that's what it's all about: Taking the matter seriously into your own hands. Thing? Own hand? Thin ice, I hear you crackle?

Advertising at the peak

I did not come up with the idea for this post because of my immoral thoughts. No, it was TheFruitAndFlowerBasket that got the ball rolling. Among the numerous advertising banners on our favorite website, I was struck by an advertisement: a new generation vibrator was touted. A true high-tech gadget with such sophisticated features that I would not be surprised if I could use it to prepare my breakfast coffee. At least a latte macchiato would be great and somehow thematically very appropriate (Hups, I just notice that the Kalauer threshold on this issue is extremely low.) So beware, I do not want to step into the rough stomping footsteps of Mario Barth). Maybe a few hard facts from the statistics section will help keep the level of this post high enough. So let's start with that vibrator advertisement, first some numbers around the so-called sextoys.

Oh, briefly in their own right before premature conclusions are drawn here by particularly enlightened users: I have disabled the personalized advertising in my browser settings. That means: advertising is displayed to me randomly. Thus, the vibrator advertising that appeared on my PC screen is by no means an algorithmically controlled consequence of my daily surfing on the part of online sex shops. Could you think otherwise, right?

Numbers and hard fucks, sorry, facts

In 2017, the opinion research institute, in cooperation with the glossy magazine Playboy, launched a representative survey of 1,000 men and women. According to the survey, about 60 percent of respondents regularly use sex toys and only about 12 percent categorically reject their use in lovemaking. The classic vibrator has the nose (nose?) Clearly ahead: About half of all women surveyed said they have used such a device before.

Of course, one can doubt the seriousness (or representativeness) of such a survey, but the mere fact that the keyword "vibrator? around 60,000 hits on Amazon promotes makes it clear that there must be a not too tight demand for the humming flatterers. The social acceptance of the need for utensils for some sexual varieties that the human body is not naturally endowed with seems to have grown in recent years anyway. At any rate, the heels of cable ties and insulating tape, which jumped in DIY stores, are pointing to this shortly after the publication of the literary concoction? Fifty Shades of Gray? in 2011. And also the old advertising slogan? First, see what QUELLE has? comes to a completely new meaning in this topic: With only 74 different G-spot vibrator models, you are definitely spoiled for choice. (OTTO only has 24 G-spot models, but 42 different Rabbit vibrators, and no, I'm not going to tell you what that is statistically most of you would already know?).

Christmas, the feast of love

If Rudi, the most loyal reindeer of Santa, gets a set of red ears in addition to his well-known red nose, that could be due to the load of the gift sled behind him. Where once worn ties for men and perfume bottles for the ladies through the Holy Night, today penis rings and vibrators make the place in dispute. That at least suggests the theme-related Internet advertising, the sex toys already located on the front squares of the Christmas wish list. And right across all gender and age groups. I am really amazed, but I am completely unprejudiced. If this really is the case, I spontaneously come up with a number of tips on how donating erotic accessories does not end in an evening of embarrassment (for which poor Christmas seems to be predestined anyway). So:

  • With the handing over of vibrators and Co. should be waited until the married couple is among themselves. Say: The children are in bed, grandma and grandpa on the way home and possibly other present so drunk that they can not remember anything. Same-sex couples translate this point according to their current situation.
  • Also in the Eros area there are clear quality differences.Exactly how one puts on the real Miele with the washing machine, one should fall back also in the range of the Sextoys on well-known manufacturers. This makes a thorough Internet search in advance mandatory. In addition, reading customer reviews can provide real anticipation?
  • Everything that is left on or even in the body, should meet the highest standards of material standards. Keywords: allergens, softeners, vegan etc.
  • Not every present must be tried on Christmas Eve. I do not build the Carrera Bahn at half past three at night, when everyone is dead tired.
  • It is questionable if it is a good idea to completely surprise his sweetheart with a sex toy. With a little flair you can find out in advance whether such a surprise is really a good idea. If the bedside drawer is already well filled with sextoys, this point is unnecessary.
  • Any additional equipment required must be handed over immediately. Those who still need to tank up or buy late on Christmas Eve in order to get batteries or lubricants may miss out on the best.

It remains only to say: Give with imagination and heart! All a happy holiday : Smiley:

Us | December 2020