Grilling: Hunting sausage slices from the grill

After I had discovered in-store pickled sausage for grilling / roast, at a disproportionately high price, I came up with the idea of ​​imitating homemade sausage slices from the grill.

Simply a variety of your choice (usually take such a 1 kg piece) in about 1.5 - 2 cm thick slices, make around small cuts at intervals, marinade of mustard, ketchup, some oil, possibly chili powder, herbs, Everything in the composition as you like and insert the sausage slices in it for a few hours. After a few minutes on the grill and let it be nice and crispy. Through the incisions on the edge, the discs get a cog-shape and do not bulge inward. Something different than sausages and were literally torn out of my hand and are desired at every barbecue.

Venison Strips | June 2020