Handkerchief strips against athlete's foot

So people, that's a real McGyver tip now! And probably the cheapest and most practical way to get rid of or prevent athlete's foot.

Thick socks, airtight sneakers, tropical conditions in the shoe - that's where the mushroom feels! With me he always arises between his toes - probably the most typical place for it. And what do you do about it? It makes it dry between the toes - and around the clock and already says goodbye to the fungus.

As? Just tear off a 1 cm wide strip from a handkerchief or sheet of toilet paper and thread it between your toes. The ends are best left to look up, then it keeps better. Sock over it and wear the day and gladly also at night. After 2-3 days the mushroom is gone - at least with me! Try it and share your experiences!

Strictly Personal - War Department official training film (US Army Pictorial Service, 1945) | December 2020