Help with new mascara

Every woman knows the problem with new mascara, too fluid, does not give the desired success. Here you can help to take the old still functioning mascara as a primer. Then first apply the new mascara. Already the desired success is there.

Strolcher: @ Rovo1: Jade Maybelline Illegal Lengih. I think it's great, but the tastes are different there. So can not promise anything ;-)

@Tamora: Bacteria that have accumulated during the week. Hää ???
So I'm sure ink will last half a year if not longer.
I wash my eyelashes in the morning after having washed my face. So my eyelashes have never had problems with bacteria :-))

On the subject of bacteria: they are everywhere and our body has extra defense cells for it. If you disinfect your entire household, these defense cells have nothing left to do and attack your own immune system. This leads again to allergies and the like.

How To Fix Dry Mascara Instantly // Three ways to fix dried mascaras | July 2020