Hole in favorite garment? No problem

Sometimes it happens that you suddenly have a hole in your favorite piece of clothing. Do not cry and do not dispose. If necessary, sew the hole in the appropriate thread color and thread size. Then select a button in the appropriate color. Matching buttons sometimes hang in a bag when you buy clothes on the label.

Otherwise select from his button stock a button in a different color to match the garment and sew over the seam. The button should hide the stitched hole in size.

In the pictures you can see a T-shirt, which got stuck in the thorns of a rosebush. To make it look like buttons belong to the T-shirt, I sewed another button on the opposite side. Please make sure that the placement next to side seam and hem have the same distances. Use a tape measure or ruler to help you measure.

A jacket sleeve that someone burned me with a cigarette in the crowd in the city, on the jacket sleeve were several small holes, which I covered with rivets and a large hole, which I have stuck with a Smilie of fabric.

Darn crotch jeans sample | May 2020