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Last year I became a fan of organization videos on the internet and have always found simple tips to implement them - so this idea with the budget folder - is not mine, but I love this folder now.

I have bought a nice Din A4 folder in which I collect all the information that is important to us, not every day but every now and then. At the very front, I have printed out a shopping list for categories in which, over time, a category of barbecues has been added. I go through this list before the weekly shopping and forget nothing more.

In a bound pocket come bills that still have to be paid (I do it once a week). A year-round birthday list is also included, recipes I want to try soon, the family to-do list (what needs to be done), a wish-to-do list (what do we want to do), a rubric is for class lists, Address list for holiday cards, Christmas greetings, etc., information telephone numbers for emergencies (card locks, over the mailboxes in place (four different times) the stamps are the same in a transparent cover and many other information.For example, I am now at the end of the season What needs to be replaced next year with clothes because it's too small or broken, otherwise it always came to my mind when we needed it and then it was always difficult to get into the shops.

The folder is available in the kitchen at any time. So everyone from the family knows where to find the stuff. Now I want to include the data of the grandparents about diseases, addresses of the treating physicians and medications, as these are inquired of us children in an emergency.

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