How do you get vegetables in the kids? By Spaetzle!

How do you get vegetables in the kids? By Spaetzle!

Flour, eggs and mashed vegetables, salt and if necessary some more water and go.

Actually, you can pack everything and any vegetables in the spaetzle dough.

Spinach spaetzle are well known. Spinach is needed, as are other delicate vegetables, just blanch. Tougher vegetables you have to cook soft and then pürrieren.

For example, beetroots make wonderful purple-red spaetzle.

Pumpkin, yellow.

Broccoli and other types of leafy cabbage produce bright green spaetzle.

Carrots turn the spaetzle orange.

The leaves of kohlrabi or radish / radish can also be cooked and mashed into spätzle.

If green beans have become straw, they can still be cooked and passed on and used in spaetzle.

The taste of the vegetables is largely lost in the dough.

Funny are spaetzle "tricolor", so mixed white, red and green.

Or "Multicolor", because you can mix all color spaetzle.

Even leftover vegetables can be pureed and processed in spaetzle dough. If the color turns into indefinable brown, then you can with a little turmeric the thing yellow.

This way you get so vegetables in the children - or in the men - or in other vegetable mustaches.

Mustard Spaetzle with Braised Cabbage and Apple | May 2020