How do you make a bun?

Hairstyles are in demand that are practical, yet elegant. They can be styled easily, time-saving and without much accessories. And who, despite their high wearing comfort, endure some hardships? instead of immediately collapsing. If you make these demands on your visual appearance, the Dutt is recommended.

What is a bun?

Surely you know the topknot. He was already born in ancient Greece by the wealthier women. In almost every epoch, this hairstyle was considered fashionable and easy to care for. No wonder, after all, all you need is a hair tie and a brush. In the more creative variants but also a Duttkissen, clips and needles and jewelry can be used. The hair fashion offers you so many ways of trying out? each of them will unfold their own magical effect. Incidentally, a perfect bun can effortlessly last a whole day without unpleasant pressure on the scalp or falling apart.

The simple bun

First of all, it is important to learn the basic variant.

  1. For this you comb the hair long back and tie a ponytail there. The knot should be close to the head? whether you place it above, in the middle or below, you decide for yourself.
  2. Now you turn the braid into yourself. As if you were wringing a towel. After a few seconds, the turns will be up to the knot.
  3. More turns can quickly create the Dutt. Fix it with hair clips and needles.

This form is a bit simpler if the hair has been moistened a little before? without being soaked.

The Duttkissen helps

Admittedly, as simple as the aforementioned variant can be implemented, it is not really stable. Can you use the donut for a little more hold? another word for the Duttkissen? to reach.

  1. Comb your hair backwards into a ponytail.
  2. Take the braid forward over the forehead.
  3. Pull the hair tips about ten to 15 centimeters through the central opening.
  4. Put the strands down out of the cushion so that you can guide them through the hole again from above.
  5. Roll the donut slowly up to the knot of the ponytail.

Make sure that the hair is optimally distributed around the pillow, so do not alternate thicker and thinner strands.

With a little more momentum

You can spice up both mentioned forms of the dough by distributing some volume foam in the hair. The hairstyle looks so lush and forgives minor mistakes in tying the knot. Likewise, you can also use jewelry for attachment instead of needles and clips. Another particularly creative option is to braid the hair inside the ponytail in equally strong strands and then form the bun. This knot looks very elegant? but requires a bit of tact and practice. Nevertheless, you can ignite a great effect with little effort and small accessories. Likewise, you will create a true eye-catcher with a vertex and the laterally shifted bun.

From the ballerina to the vamp

Finally, can you refine any of these hairstyles with a bit of skill? and thus create an individual look. The harder you tie the knot, the more serious and festive it will be. If you take out individual strands of hair, you give your look a bit wild touch. Likewise, it is fun to divide the ponytail into two even strands and turn one to the left and the other to the right. Can you now place both nodes side by side or even one above the other? a full-length hairstyle will give the creation a slightly Asian touch. Depending on your mood and occasion, you have various options open to form the perfect bun for every situation. Use the variety!

4 Easy Buns | Shawna | January 2022