Hyacinth or tulip bulbs in garden wool

At Easter but also to get a breath of spring into the house, it makes great when flower bulbs are wrapped in garden wool.

Until recently, I did not even know what garden wool is. I came across it in a garden center and found that the woolen sheep's wool can certainly be used as a replacement pot for flower bulbs. Actually, this wool is used to protect plants and roots from frost. They are available under various names such as gauze mat, bale or garden fleece to buy. The garden wool is available in different sizes (150 x 50 cm or 140 x 200 cm) and consists of 100% pure new wool. I wrapped the bulbs of grape hyacinths with the new wool. First cut the wool into strips of different widths (2, 3 and 4 cm), wrap a first layer around the tuber and fix it with a pin. Then braid a second strip around the tuber and put the end under the fabric.

The tubers can be poured on the sink in the evening. It is best to put them in a water bath for a few minutes. The next day they are dry from the outside and can be put back on the table as a decoration. It looks especially nice if you have a gnarled branch and drape three to four of the onions along the branch.

This is needed:

  • Branched branch or driftwood
  • Hyacinth or tulip bulbs
  • Garden wool (100% pure new wool, for 6 small grapes onions are needed at least 75 x 14 cm fabric)
  • Scissors and pins

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