If fear determines everyday life - bit by bit more courage

Many people today suffer from various types of mental illness. I would like to speak of the anxiety disorder and they are also in very many versions. In my case, agoraphobia is associated with a panic disorder. That was the name of my first diagnosis of many.

We are all different and none of them are exactly the same. One has to fight harder than the other, or he can easily hide it. There are the better and the worse times, but you should never give up. Often the easiest way to avoid fear is to avoid it. The right one is not. I've already done one or the other therapy myself. Personally, the confrontation helps very well.

Now I've even come across the tip to write a list of goals and then a list of tasks. Tasks that will help you to gain more courage bit by bit and in which you will face your fear.

I usually write a weekly schedule at the beginning of the week. Every day I do something that scares me. You can vote it entirely for you. For example, there are items on my list such as: Take the bus to the city or go for a long walk. You can write down very small steps that always lead you a little further. In my worst time it would probably have been confused: go to the garden and walk out to the street next time.

With every exercise you can put a hook behind it and be proud of yourself. Maybe you underline the whole thing by treating yourself as a reward something great. It does not always have to be a new pair of shoes. Taking a bath is also something nice.

It is important that you do not give up immediately if something does not work out. Maybe the step you chose was too big and you should choose smaller ones or you just try it again? If you make it then it will give you back a little more courage.

The Courage Habit - Book Trailer | April 2024