In the summer not only barbecue outside, but also cook

Too hot for cooking? Odor-intensive foods? Then there is an alternative for those who have a garden, a terrace or a balcony:

Low-priced electrical induction hotplates with one or two hotplates are available everywhere in specialist stores and also on the Internet. Some may even have one of the old-fashioned, heavy single hot plates in the basement. I z. B. have a perfectly functioning "Made in GDR", and now also an induction plate from ALDI for as much as 15 euros.

So why not cook the pea soup, the vegetable stew or the jam outdoors, where no kitchen is overheated and odors are not overly disturbing? But also "traditional grilled food" can be great sizzle, if it is not worth, for example, for two people the smoldering barbecue toss.

And the stove stays clean, certainly a welcome side effect.

What a Japanese Summer BBQ is Like | March 2023