In WORD put the font vertically

So you can put the font vertically in WORD:

1. Menu INSERT (Photo 1)

2. Word Art / Format 1 (Photo 2)

3. Write text (photo 3 + 4)

4. Change Font - With MODERN you get a simple font without contour (photo 5)

5. Turn text: see photo 6

6. Position text box with TEXT OF CHANGE: see photo 7 (before, behind or in the text does not matter - what pleases you?)

7. Now the frame has changed: the yellow dot is the pivot point and the green one in the middle is the "handle", which allows you to rotate the field as you like. (Photo 8)

8. Move: Use mouse to point to the field - cursor changes to the cross arrow - and drag text to desired position. (Photo 9)

9. Change the size of the text field: click to mark; on all 4 sides are small squares as handles (Photo 10)

Rotate Text in Microsoft Word - vertical, angled & flipped | May 2022