Insect bites - Nature's remedy: Yarrow

Ouch- insect bite! A very good natural remedy: yarrow

The herb yarrow grows throughout Europe and is easy to spot. Sheep that are sick and weak instinctively eat it. The Yarrow has many good qualities, one of which is the healing effect of external abrasions and insect bites - the Jück goes away!

The botanical name of yarrow is Achillea millefolium. Legend has it that the Greek hero Achilles provided his wounds with it.

During a walk along the edges of the meadows you can find the yarrow almost everywhere, the pain relief is nothing in the way. After the sting you pick a few umbels and crush them until they get moist. This one puts on the itchy, achy body. If you have a plaster on hand, you can fix the yarrow bits with it. Otherwise - I've wrapped a small corn leaf out of a field - or just hold it with my fingers - the pain subsides very soon.

Wild Medicine-Yarrow Nature's Traditional Wound Healer and Bug Repelant | November 2023