Insurance coverage at dog sitting

The animal-loving users of FM know that for sure, an emergency occurs and the otherwise reliable dog sitter can not come. Good advice is often expensive and the dog owner is happy when he finds someone in the circle of friends or acquaintances who takes care of the dog.

Is not so much a topic, except for one thing that unfortunately is often not considered. The insurance cover, the so-called dog owner liability insurance. Many a dog owner considers it simply unnecessary. I totally disagree with that.

By a dog can z. B. in an accident, a very large damage caused by this insurance is covered.

For this reason, the tip, before taking care of a dog, whether regularly or only once, in any case, ask if insurance protection exists. The holder is liable in any case, if something happens, but also the dog sitter can make himself liable for damages.

For commercial dog callers, this looks a bit different, as they have to take out commercial liability insurance.

A dog owner liability is already to get for a relatively small monthly contribution and gives the dog owner the security that damage that could cause the "four-legged darling", are secured and also a dog sitting by other people nothing stands in the way.

Questions do not cost anything and then you are on the safe side!

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