Iron and hang over curtains crease-resistant

How can you iron over curtains and hang them up wrinkle free? Sometimes it is desperate, hardly one has ironed with difficulty and a lot of steam, the curtains and smooth, then get the dizzy things back crease when hanging. For newcomers to the household (but only those who are already in possession of an iron and a board) the following tip, which can bring a few plus points in the critical visit of the old front.

Instead of annoying me for weeks and waiting for them to hang back smoothly, I've gone over to the following method: ironed the iron-damp cloth first only up in the pleated band area to about 150 cm. Then touch the ladder, the fabric only in the unbridged area and mounting area and off with the parts to the curtain rod. Then put the ironing board right in front of the window and now flatten the rest. How much must be ironed in the first phase depends on your curtain length or room height. - Everyone has to try it for themselves.

And if your own mum then admires the fresh-fisted without any knick-look, you can explain the gimmick to her. You can only impress your parents with ... better ... you will think of something more.

How to Get Wrinkles out of Polyester | May 2020