Iron shirts: The quick shirt trick

Little known is the extra ironing of the saddle. This is the upper part of the back part. But this is extremely professional, saves time and trouble, especially if the shirt around the neck does not want to be so smooth.

  1. Unbutton shirt, iron collar from inside.
  2. Now pay attention: Back piece at the seam between saddle (also called Passe) and lower back piece bend so that the yoke is above, the lower part of the shirt underneath, or hang over the ironing board forward. Now the yoke is completely smooth and you can also iron the upper part of the front, which otherwise makes a lot of effort.
  3. Continue as usual, inner cuffs, sleeves.
  4. Front parts and remaining back part.

PS: If you do not understand the second step immediately, you will find the suitable TheFruitAndFlowerBasket TV-Video here or a more detailed explanation.

How to Iron a Dress Shirt in 90 Seconds | GQ | January 2022