Japanese herbal oil for pain of the knee joints

Japanese medicinal oil - also helps with knee pain. I have the vial at home for a long time, but that I can use the healing oil for my, always severely aching knee, was really a discovery. Out of necessity, because my pain ointment from the pharmacy has become empty, just in time for the WE, I have used the mint oil. My pain is gone within a day! I have been suffering from knee-joint pain since childhood, surgery did not really bring relief, so I live with it. As a sleep aid, it is also not to be despised because the cooling effect, e.g. rubbed on the temple, lets a cuddly fall asleep. Costs about 2 euros at Rossmann and calls itself JHP.

Relaxing Trigger Point Massage for Knee Pain, How to, Techniques, Chandler Rose | June 2020