Juice quince and continue to use jelly or mus

Here's a tip for you on how to make a delicious juice with fantastic color from a lot of quince and fun, and then process it into jelly or quince. I hope that this tip is easy to understand even without exact quantities!


  1. Wash the quince well and then rub off briefly. Remove flower bud and stalk. Then cut the quinces unpeeled and not gutted with a large knife on a board in half and cut into small pieces. Do not remove the core housing!
  2. Place the quince pieces in a pressure cooker, cover with water and cook with lid without any additives for about 45 minutes.
  3. Let stand overnight in a closed pot. Through shell and core, the juice gets an awesome color!
  4. Put the whole in a sieve with a large cloth and drain. Of course, catch the juice, it is best to leave it for about 1 to 2 hours. Then process the cold juice according to recipe to jelly (I take gelling sugar in the ratio 3: 1). For gelling all the pectin is still in it.
  5. From the drained quince meat "fumble out" the core casing and bowls, and also, according to recipe (but only with normal sugar), cook quince sauce, stirring it again and again.
  6. You can also chase the drained quince sweep through the fleet Lotte and make quince bread out of it.

Best regards, good luck and a good appetite !!!

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