Kaminanzünder / Grillanzünder make yourself from paperboard

Make lighters yourself from paperboard rolls of household or toilet paper and paraffin:

Fireplace lighters are quite expensive, but from the paper rolls of household or toilet paper and paraffin can be excellent fireplace or grill lighters make themselves.

You need:

  • Papro rolls, as many as possible put together (depending on the manufacturer so 8 - 9 pieces of a variety)
  • Paraffin, there are as granules for candle pulling in many craft shops or on the Internet. A kilo costs hiss 5 - 12 euros, but that's very far.

So you do that:

Saw the nested cardboard rolls into slices of approx. 2.5 cm. The thinner the saw blade, the better it works (Fig. 1).

Melt paraffin in a saucepan with mild heat (best in a water bath) (picture 2). Put cardboard rolls one after the other and let soak on both sides.

Let slices dry on two or three layers of household paper (Fig. 3), finished lighter (Fig. 4).

Place a lighter in the chimney on 2 shavings, light it and layer more logs over it (Fig. 5).

You can roll up and use the paraffin-soaked household paper.

The homemade lighters do not burn as long as purchased, but with a high, hot flame. As barbecue lighters, they are particularly suitable for a chimney fire very well, because they burn longer than Zeitungsknäuel, but are burned down faster than finished lighters and therefore leave no paraffin flavor on the grill.

WARNING: Still damp and not cooled slices are on fire immediately in flames, so never ignite in the hand! You burn your fingers - let the disc fall into the firewood - the house catches fire - the city burns down - KATASTROPHE !!!

But otherwise you will love her ;-)

Anzünder für Grill & Kamin selber machen – DIY Grillanzünder & Kaminanzünder selbst herstellen | May 2024