Keep berries fresh longer - puff in vinegar water

The berry season begins! (What else do I need to feed my son in summer barely) But unfortunately, these fruits are so soft and gammeling so fast, if they are not eaten quickly.

For me, vinegar helps:

1 part vinegar to 9 parts water, toss the berries in it, rinse with water (not really necessary, the vinegar taste does not stay), dry and put in the fridge (but not in the container in which you bought them).

Most bacteria and spores are killed by the vinegar water and the fruits last at least twice as long - raspberries e.g. about 1 week, strawberries even 2 weeks in the fridge (without becoming soft and white / green / brown).

Works of course with other fruit ...

Alternatively, this is also possible with Soapnut (which unfortunately can hardly be bought in Germany), or colloidal silver - both kill off bacteria and have proven to be super on my tropical travels. (then you can dare to let the principle "boil it, peel it or leave it" as a principle for other travelers.) Have fun with delicious freshly kept fruit.

How to Keep Strawberries Fresh Using White Vinegar | May 2020