Keep the ventilation grille in the bathroom clean

You can sometimes almost despair, at least if the bathroom has no window, but a wall ventilation shaft. Again and again annoyed us fine (it would have been nice) no, nasty large dust and Rußfllocken, which took place on the bright tiles, the shelf briefly on all horizontal surfaces. Regular vacuuming with the vacuum cleaner brought only moderate success. With our son the bathroom is affected, with us the guest toilet.

Last month, after vacuuming and then washing the mesh cover, I stuck a fleece cloth in between. - Just the granddaughter mouse so pamperstuch gemopst and good isses. Now it is clean and as expected, the dust and dirt comes from the top and can be super removed with a Grifff.

Oh well, I forgot to mention that the little one did not notice the lack of a handkerchief, but Omma has put on her own pack. ;)

How To Remove And Clean A Bathroom Ceiling Fan Grille | June 2020