Kitchen cabinets with wrapping paper lay out

Now soon rolls back to the gift and packaging paper avalanche. And I'm always so sorry to throw it all away. But most of the recipients react directly allergic to used wrapping paper. (Funny, we did not die before, if our gift wrapping already had some signs of wear.)

Well, be that as it may, I'll pick up the bigger pieces and put out my kitchen drawers and cabinet bottoms. If something crumbles ... spices, sugar or something, then quickly the whole thing is gathered together and gone with it. Saves a lot of fiddling and wiping out of the corners.

And on top of the cabinets, it keeps the grease from forming sticky deposits. If a lot is fried or fried, something goes very fast and cleaning is not necessarily my favorite sideline is ...

In any case, I can still enjoy the pretty patterns for quite a while and do not feel like a "throwaway" if I just use it well dispose of and save cleaning supplies, which also costs money and harms the environment. (unless you clean it with vinegar or something, but not everyone can smell it.) If you then take the birthdays to it, comes in the course of the year always enough replenishment of free "cabinet paper" together.

Lining Drawers and Cabinets With Wrapping Paper: Easy Tricks With Professional Organizer | July 2020