Large "drainer" in the kitchen

Big "drainer" in the kitchen: you have more space in the kitchen than you think - for example. on the floor

I collect old fine earthenware and colored pressed glass. I have a lot of it, very much. Today I washed everything off - a bigger action. I can already grasp the shoulder blades, if there possibly wings grow.

The problem is: how many people do I have only a sink and a small drainer. The dishwasher underneath I could not use because of the sensitive parts, everything had to be rinsed by hand. So where to after the portion-wise rinsing with the wet parts?

That's where the idea came from. Quickly I had laid many kitchen towels on the floor (with me linoleum) and now had enough space for my treasures. They dried by themselves and quickly returned to their regular places. And the pile of towels ended up in the washing machine!

Stainless Steel Kitchen Dish Drying Rack - Large Dish Drainer | December 2020