Learning with index card system

The next week it's that time again: there are "poison leaves". Still "wobbly candidates" have the opportunity to work up to the transfer certificates themselves.

The tip for this learning system, I got four years ago, at a thematic evening. At first I was not sure if my daughter would be interested in it. All the more astonished was I about her absolutely positive attitude. She was very happy when I bought her an index card box, with many different colored index cards, in Din A 6 format.

And that is how it works

The subjects to be learned are assigned to the colors of the index cards: e.g. Favorite subject = favorite color, organic = green card, main subjects = white card.

On the first few cards, the child writes formulas, vocabulary, historical data, countries / cities and everything that he or she should learn.

The register separation cards (A, B, C ...) are turned back with the writing and re-labeled: with time intervals. After these intervals, the child takes out the cards for learning, and then puts them behind the next time interval card.

For example: Your child writes down a few words and learns them. The index card moves once back to "1 week". That is, after a week, this card is again with learning turn and moves further back, to "1 week". Again, this card is learned after a week and is now plugged in after "1 month", is learned and put back to "1 month". After this further month, the card is learned again and then, after the very back, put into the archive.

Ten weeks and 5 X of learning have passed until the index card is ready for the archive. Now the vocabulary is stored in the child's short-term and long-term memory and over time it has an extensive "data collection". The textbooks have to be returned, and the children have little desire to pick out information from past issues. But with the index cards it knows where it finds something.

You can also choose different time intervals with your children, but 10 to 12 weeks should pass before the card lands in the archive. It is also recommended to have the study times recorded by the child in a calendar.

I provided my daughter with the "hardware" and explained the handling. From then on, she did everything on her own initiative. She started in elementary school, now attends grammar school and continues to work with her index cards. The son of a friend, it also applies successfully and a friend of my daughter has even wanted from her birthday card index.

I think the kids like the self-responsibility and the trust in us, in their independence.

I wish your children and you a successful, second half of the school year.

Cathy Davidson - Index Card Technology | June 2020