LED lights are too glaring

After I've read the tip here, to attach a string of lights as indirect lighting under the windowsill, I have an LED light bar (needs about 90% less power than a normal string of lights) for gluing worried.

But the problem of these LED lights, even if you buy them in warm white or yellow: they are always too glaring and thus they are counterproductive - namely no longer romantic, but just unpleasantly cold.

After the Originalallamplack is too expensive for me, I have used Window-Color-Color, because I have these colors just enough left, because Window Color images are not announced at the moment and the effect is great, the best was the light with brown window-color-color, which gave a really romantic lighting with on top of that an economical power consumption. To prevent environmental critics: I let these chains run only during celebrations or during a visit.

Here's the REAL Reason Headlights are TOO DAMN BRIGHT! | WheelHouse | August 2021