Lemon halves against fruit flies in the kitchen

Everyone knows the fruit flies in the kitchen, which appear immediately when you have made a fruit salad or fruit cake.

What helps against it is just to halve a lemon and put one half in front of the window and one half on the work surface. The flies attach to the lemon over time and you can easily dispose of them.

Grandma_Duck: Is it the age that I do not understand this tip? Why should I additionally attract the flies (no mosquitoes, creative maidle!) So that I can "eliminate" them, anyway? Soo fast, the tantalizing scent of the fruit salad does not spread. More problematic is open fruit lying around, especially if there are already fouling off.
In fruit flies my disgust threshold is pretty low. Are quite cute - if they are not masses. But you can prevent that, if you send out as few "attractants".

[PROOF] How To Get Rid Of Fruit Flies WITHOUT Apple Cider Vinegar - Use Lemons | December 2021