Light and fast sauce for lasagna instead of bechamel sauce

After all, we do not like the bechamel sauce in the lasagna and it takes some time, so I came up with the following idea.

The preparation of the bolognese sauce prepares quite a lot of time if you do it yourself. Well, in the long "cooking time" you can easily make the Bechamel sauce. But the Mehlpapp my sweet mouths did not like so much.

Lack of time, I came up with the following idea:

I take 2 cups à 200 g of creme fraiche, then I pour 200 - 400 ml (depending on you want to have a lot or a little sauce - mine want a lot) 1.5% milk, stir everything and season with salt, pepper and , Nutmeg.

In the lasagna form below, I'll just give you a bit of the sauce, so that the lasagne plates in the sauce are soft, then bolognese, then the sauce above. So continue as usual (layers). Over the last lasagne plates then again creme fraiche sauce and of course the grated cheese.

The lasagna can be prepared well in the morning before work (Bolognese sauce I usually cook the night before) and if you come in the evening from work just put in the oven and bake. Saves a lot of time and tastes totally delicious. Lasagna can not be there often enough. This is always a feast for all. Especially kids love them.

Secrets to a perfect Bechamel - White Sauce | Christine Cushing | September 2020