Light hair / bald patches compact and invisible

Shedding hair (also Streuhaar) is a very gentle way to dense light hair / bald spots and make them invisible.

My big problem was the ever-thinning hair and a crest as wide as a bratwurst.

Several years ago I found surfing the internet to find a solution to my problem.

Articles and testimonials on loose or stray hair:

Stray hairs consist of the smallest micro fibers, which are charged statically and thereby connect with the hair.

The powder consists of a formula developed by medical experts fine fibers of natural materials such as keratin and silica, which wrap around the hair and thereby compress it.

Immediately after sprinkling the hair looks fuller and denser, bald spots on the scalp are no longer recognizable.

I sprinkle the powder daily on the light spot, put his head back on the neck and comb once very carefully over the upper hair, so that the powder spreads easily and trickles also on the scalp.

If you sweat heavily or come in the rain, the powder leaves marks on the forehead and temples.

But if you know that and notice, it can not diminish the bottom line.

Streuhaar is available on the internet from various suppliers in different shades of blond, gray, dark brown, medium brown and black and is suitable for women as well as for men.

A can of 23-28 grams (sounds very little at first, but I get away with it for 3 months) costs between 15 and 28 euros plus postage.

Among other things, three photos show my head:

After use, before use and during use. There you can clearly see how the bald spots disappear.

For me it is the most ingenious invention since the electric coffee machine ;-) and I am sure that many other affected will be delighted.

How to Quickly Hide Small Bald Patches | Patricia B | January 2022